Fairfield County Municipal Court
PH: 740-687-6621

136 West Main Street
Post Office Box 2390
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Daily Court Hours:
8:00am - 4:00pm
Valeda A. Slone - Clerk of Court

Contacting Probation

Probation Department Contact Information:
136 West Main Street, First Floor
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Phone: 740.687.6685
Fax: 740.681.5028

You may contact your Probation Officer through the following emails. This will NOT be accepted as a replacement to reporting to your Probation Officer.

J. Matthew Schein,
Chief Probation Officer:
mschein@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3341
Tamara Bartek,
Director of Probation Services
tbartek@fcmcourt.org Ext: 3371
Jennifer Rhymer,
Probation Officer
jrhymer@fcmcourt.org  Ext. 3338
Duffy Arter
Drug Court/Mental Health Court/SA CourtProbation Officer
darter@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3346
Evan Brubach,
Probation Officer
ebrubach@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3340
Jeff McCartney
Community Service Probation Officer
jmccartney@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3370
Jessica Jerome,
Probation Officer
jjerome@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3345
Veteran's Court Probation Officer

Laurina Sauber,
Lab Tech/Probation Officer,
lsauber@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3344
Halley Graham
Probation Officer
hgraham@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3337
Andrew Keister,
Lab Tech/Probation Officer
akeister@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3354 
Diane Wilsoncroft
Probation Administrative Assistant
dwilsoncroft@fcmcourt.org Ext. 3339